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When I am Stressed...

March 29th, 2012 (04:00 pm)

...I get sucked into a worm-hole - of the least expected hobbies.

These ideas usually come to me in the strangest ways, and they never go away until I do something about them. Suddenly I'm thinking about it day and night, in my dreams, reading every possible website on the topic, brewing up interesting ideas, purchasing the materials(!!), working on it for a few days in a row, sometimes even longer. I burrow myself deeper into the worm-hole until one day, I go POP and emerge from the other end, ready to take on new challenges at work.

A few examples of my hobbies:

1. Gardening (of African Violets, in particular), which incidentally brought me to my current job
2. Baking of muffins (Banana walnut, anyone?)
3. Carving rubber-stamps (ok this is funny. I was on Youtube looking for videos of rubber seeds popping when the search results came out to be crafty eraser-carving tutorials.)
4. Cosmetics (!!!)
5. Painting

Most of my hobbies came out pretty well, I still have my plants, I've made yummy banana walnut muffins, I've made more than 30 eraser-stamps, and I've spent a fortune on my cosmetics/skincare collection.

It really helped that ww is ultra-supportive of my little adventures, encouraging me to spend on things which make me happy. Life's great! :D 

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Being 'Stylish'

March 3rd, 2012 (04:36 pm)

What does 'style' mean to you? It's more than your outfit of the day or the cars you drive. Unfortunately due to the information that we're flooded with everyday from the newspapers, internet and TV, the definition of style has become narrow and superficial. Many people now associate being stylish as being clad in clothes from the hottest trend, but well, it'll probably do them good to probe deeper within themselves to establish their real sense of style. 

I feel that style comes from within. It is the over-arching 'pattern' behind your personality, beliefs, behavior, and correspondingly, the way you speak, dress and the impression you leave on others. Pretty useful too when faced with difficult decisions. Just follow your style and do the right thing.

For example, my style is that of simplicity and creativity. Personality wise, I treat people with simple kindness as I hate to complicate relationships with double- or triple- or multiple-guessing their intentions. In my job, I deal with my work as well, work. Just get in there, 8 to 5, switch off and get out. This prevents killing of precious neurons which can be put to more effective use in more enjoyable tasks.

Appearance-wise, while I enjoy dressing up, I usually do so only when going on dates, or gatherings with friends and family. This gives me an opportunity to practise being creative. My work outfit is a no-brainer and it's usually something comfortable which wouldn't get in the way when doing an impromptu site visit. Simplicity is best because firstly, seriously no one but yourself really cares about what you wear, and secondly, people who care about you wouldn't be bothered with what you wear anyway :)

Style also has a hold on what I eat and do. I usually go for something light and natural (cold udon and tofu with broccoli being my current favourite meal) as I'm conscious about ingesting chemicals and preservatives from processed food. I don't watch TV either, swopping that time with reading. Reading has enriched my life in greater ways than TV would ever be able to.

So yup, establish your own sense of style and you'll have a clear guide to where you wanna be, and how to get there.

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Pushing the Right Buttons

August 30th, 2011 (03:30 pm)

(Ok been a long time since uploading pictures in Livejournal and I can't seem to resize the pics grrr)

Back in PA Crew in VJC, my favourite button on the mixer is the PFL (pre-fader listen). It's a square button with nice curved corners and has a matt, smooth texture. It presses down with a springy click, a muted elegance :D

(It's the second button above the volume control for each channel) 

Right now, the favourite button on Ms Cha, my latest mobile gadget, is also a square button! It's distinctly different from the other rectangular ones, holding its head high at being unique from the rest. Hahaha and I love to press on it! Can you locate it? (Noooo not the FB button because I don't use that)

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An Unsolicited Email

August 13th, 2011 (10:52 pm)

 An acquaintance emailed me recently for advice on some relationship issues. Kinda taken aback by her email because I've been following her blog and she seemed to be pretty balanced, leading a happy life. It's unfortunate :(

I didn't encourage her to stay or leave, I just asked her to do her best. Like what I've always believed, if a relationship is going nowhere and beyond repair, then it's time to close the chapter and move on. But before calling it quits, you should do what you can to make things work. So that even if it eventually results in a breakup, you can tell yourself that you've tried your best, there was really no better way of getting around things. 

I wish you all the best girl :)

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Writer's Block: What would ____ do?

August 13th, 2011 (12:03 pm)

If you have the opportunity to be someone else for one week then who would you be? Tell us why and what you would do.

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June 4th, 2011 (12:06 pm)

What do you do when you told someone a solution to his problem and get ignored, 

only to have him tell you he's found the solution online -- the exact same thing -- six months later? 


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Frog in the Well

May 15th, 2011 (06:16 pm)

The frog in the well looks up at the world above him: the sky is blue and beautiful, and the world is perfect. He has enough food to eat - the delicious bluefly which occasionally stumbles into the dark and dank well is a treat - he usually lives off unsuspecting baby mosquitoes which have spawned in the stagnant waters.

One day, a farmer scooped him out of the well, and standing at the edge, to his astonishment, the circle of blue sky he was used to had become vast and limitless, which extended to as far as he could see - and beyond. Besides that, there were rolling green hills and mountains and trees and flowers and animals which walked on twos and fours, like nothing he has ever seen.

The frog now has two options:

1. Retreat into the well in which he has been living in all his life, taking comfort that at least he has 'seen' the world
2. Explore and inhabit this big world out there 

To do the latter, he will have to step out of his comfort zone, force himself to be uncomfortable with the unfamiliar surroundings, and find a way to rough it out and survive. He does not know what lies before him and there will be many obstacles along the way.

But what does he have to lose?

The worse it can be will be going back into his little well.

Often we see the great things we are totally capable of reaching (financial freedom and traveling are on my list), but we're afraid of attaining these accomplishments. We've heard of the failed warriors who tried, and lost, and we're afraid of committing the same mistake. It's a scary world out there, people say, 9 out of 10 businesses will fail within the next 5 years. And so, with this fear of failure and hardship, we remain in our day-to-day jobs, dragging our feet to work for just enough to get by rather comfortably, dreading Monday blues and looking forward to the weekends, with the occasional perks and bonuses, content with what the system has provided for us (and perhaps shaped us to be). We continue to stay in our tiny pigeon holes because that's what most people live in. Be the same as us, as everyone else, people say. 

Yet I can't help but wonder how some and afford to live in private homes and landed property. They must have done something DIFFERENT from everyone else. This may include being professional bankers, doctors, lawyers, and management-level persons. And more importantly, I believe a substantial number of them are entrepreneurs or business owners. These are the brave frogs who took the risk and went forward - blueflies now are aplenty, and there's a huge pond with beautiful water lilies which they now call home.

What do we have to lose by stepping out of our comfort zone, to not be a product of the system? At the worse, we'll just return to our pigeon holes, content that we've at least tried.

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Big stuff

May 15th, 2011 (12:16 pm)

Something big's brewing.

BF and I are making plans, not only for our relationship, but also our route to financial freedom.

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May 7th, 2011 (06:31 pm)

Today, I marked the most important X for the past 20-odd years of my life.

I am a thankful recipient of the many goodies that has been bestowed on me by our government, including a solid education dating all the way back to a small classroom in a PCF education centre, a very livable estate to call my home, the public transport which sends me to work everyday, among countless others.

I am thankful that our leaders, through well-thought policies (though not palatable to everyone), have elevated our country's quality of living and reputation, to a much higher level compared to our neighbors, though we began on the same starting line. 

It's time to pay them due credit, regardless of what their detractors may say against them.


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Beat the Market

April 22nd, 2011 (12:36 pm)

Being introduced a year ago to the possibility of sustaining a passive income with minimal input, maximum output and more free time to do what I like to do, I've been rather interested in the stock market. Of course I'm still a newbie who's more inclined towards stable dividend blue-chips, it's always good to read up for wider perspectives and learn the methods of serious big-players. BF has been reading such books for the past few years and he's still learning and beginning to get a feel, while I'm only starting to grasp the meanings of these jargon and know of their existence.

This book is a little like the scientific journals which I used to hunt high and low for, back in the NUS library. I mean the way it is written and the way the results are presented. It's very methodical, showing how the results are generated through graphs and analytical tools. Author is inclined towards technical analysis and selecting the best-performing stocks relative to the others. He does so by ranking a selection of stocks by percentiles, against some factors as described below.

Summary of growth list triggers:
1. Relative price strength >90th percentile
2. Relative reported earnings growth >90th percentile
3. Chart pattern showing an upward trend (two higher highs in a three-point reversal point-and-figure chart)
4. Market capitalization of $1m or better
5. Market price >$10

1. Relative price strength <30th percentile
2. Relative reported earnings growth <70th percentile
3. Chart break of two previous important lows

Summary of value list triggers:
1. Relative price strength >90th percentile
2. Relative reported earnings growth >90th percentile
3. Relative price-to-sales ratio <30th percentile
4. Market capitalization of $500k
5. Market price >$10

1. Relative price strength <30th percentile
2. Relative reported earnings growth <50th percentile
3. Stocks are not deleted for extraordinarily high relative price-to-sales ratio. 

It's an eye-opening read, letting me know that there ARE logical tools which people are using to make the best out of any market, by selecting highest-yielding stocks to be put into a portfolio such that it generates the highest-possible income, definitely dispelling myths that the stock market is a giant casino. Come on, of course not! It's a gamble only if you buy and sell blindfolded, like the normal man on the street who hopes to make it big by hopefully selecting a boomz stock.

Downside of the book is that I can't really apply its methods, because:

1. Lack of capital (at the moment, at least). This is because in the Singapore market, stocks are sold in lots of 1000 shares and I don't exactly have THAT much money to amass an entire portfolio.

2. The Math will kill me if I were to do the calculations manually. Excel might be able to help, but the best would be to have an application in which I can simply plug in the figures and generate instant figures... Ok no fruit without labour I know, but that's what machinery is used for, right??

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